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Did you know the effect of decoration on sales


the competition increased between the owners of the shops, and in order for the owner of each store to attract customers to his store, the matter became not only limited to the available goods, as the matter became more complicated. The most important of them are the decorations of the shops and the taste in distributing the goods inside the store in an attractive way in proportion to the decor of a dedicated store.


Store decoration:

There are some things that should be taken care of when designing shops to ensure that customers are brought to your store and can be summarized as follows:

    It is important that the decorations of the shops correspond to the type of merchandise sold in the store. The decoration of the clothing store is completely different from the decoration of the gift shop as it differs from that of the perfume store.
    The distribution of lighting is one of the most important things to consider in the decorations of shops, as well as the use of lighting in various ways that enable us to draw attention to a specific thing inside the store, so some lights can be placed in the sales area inside the store to draw attention to them, as well as in clothing stores it is useful to add lights Suitable above the mirrors where the customer stands to try clothes. And the good lighting in the shop decoration makes the goods more clear. Also, colored lighting should be avoided because it is disturbing to the eye and reflects an uncomfortable impression on customers. It is best to use quiet lighting because it is more comfortable for the eyes.
    The decoration of the shops plays an important role in providing space solutions, thus the customers feel comfortable and easy to move, because the narrow spaces cause narrowness for a customer, which makes him not prefer to enter again the narrow shop.


 Storefronts are the first thing a customer looks at, like the book’s face. If it’s bad, then the customer often doesn’t think about entering the store. Unlike the facades with a distinctive and elegant design that attracts the customer and draws his attention to enter the store.

Finally, and certainly, the type and quality of goods or services you offer in your shop will have a big and important role with the decor of the showroom.


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