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Wood Working

The contracting and wooden decor department provides a wide range of logistic services that enable clients to fulfill their desires through a wide package of services in contracting and all requirements.

Wooden decoration

Hospitals & Hotels furnitures





We supply and install all types of furniture for hotels and hospitals

hotels interior design





We supply and install the workstations in different sizes and shapes according to the need of each client‭. ‬

Furniture for shops





Our specialists have discovered a wide range of solutions for shop furniture‭, ‬and the best ways to arrange and‭ ‬
present products‭. ‬We have a specialized technical team in manufacturing the best furniture for shops in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia‭.‬

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Office furniture




We supply and install all types of office furniture such as‭ ‬
cabinets‭, ‬offices‭, ‬waiting rooms‭, ‬meeting rooms‭, ‬and fixed or moved chairs‭.‬

Demountable Partitions

We supply and install steel supported aluminum based‭, ‬demountable partitions in any thicknesses or shapes‭.‬

Toilets Partitions and Doors




We supply and install water and moisture resistant‭ ‬
partitions and doors made of phenolic material and are coated with a thermally resistant‭, ‬scratch-resistant vinyl with stainless‭ ‬steel parts‭.‬

shop fur
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office fur

The best Wood works for a brilliant wooden decoration, wooden walls, wooden decor design

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