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Interior design

Our specialists in interior design and decoration provide a number of modern and innovative options‭, ‬compatible with the idea and need‭ ..‬‭ ‬Supported by the various engineering drawings and three-dimensional so the client sees the project before it begins‭, ‬whether this project is a shop or office or front or building‭. ‬Our decorative section offers a wide range of options to match the customers brand and international specifications‭, ‬using many articles and products‭.
intrior decor

Interior Design Services

Gypsum Ceiling Work



We supply and install Gypsum Board decor and ceilings‭.‬

ceiling decor
Ceiling Tiles




We supply and install all types of tiles in different sizes and thickness‭.‬

ceiling tiles decoration
Flooring Works




We supply and install all types of floors work including ceramic tiles‭, ‬porcelain‭. ‬marble‭, ‬

carpet and vinyl flooring‭.‬

Finishing Works

We excute all types of internal and external finishing and painting works‭, ‬electrical and telephone extension works‭, ‬air conditioning‭, ‬lighting and plumping‭.‬

Electricity and Air Conditioning

We perform engineering design works for electricity lines and implementation of the projects‭, ‬we are specialized in central air‭ ‬conditioning and implementation of duct works‭, ‬also we have a technical maintenance team with annual contracts‭.‬

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Cladding and Structure Glass Works




We have a specialized team in all types of cladding‭, ‬structure glass‭, ‬tempered glass and aluminum works‭, ‬for storefronts‭, ‬buildings‭, ‬hospitals and banks‭, ‬using the best fire-resistant cladding materials‭.‬

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Glass, Gypsum Board Partitions




We supply and install glass elevations and partitions‭, ‬and gypsum board partitions which are internally steel supported gypsum boards‭.‬

Paints and Wallpapers




We execute all painting and wallpapers in any shape‭, ‬color,or type‭.‬

ceiling tiles
glass partitions

Interior Decoration

Interior decoration The design and planning of the spaces around us to make them comfortable luxurious and beautiful and give them a sense of art and visual vision distinct to suit the taste of the civilized society, you must show your products or services in a distinctive way that suits you and your customers, which is called interior design or interior architecture.

The design and implementation of the decoration requires great accuracy and high experience from the beginning to search for the requirements of the client and the type and purpose of the interior decoration required and take all the necessary information such as spaces and nature of the place and other things used by our decoration engineers to draw and prepare the designs and our decorating team to study and propose materials for the implementation of decoration According to the designs agreed with the client and calculate the execution period accurately and then to distribute the tasks to the team to start the implementation of the decoration according to the schedule required.


DLP and as the best decoration company in Riyadh and covering all of Saudi Arabia with a team of professionals and long experience since 2002 will provide you the best interior design services and decoration of all kinds like wooden decoration and gypsum decoration, modern or classical and the latest designs to make your business place characterized by artistic touches and professional decorations.


Services in interior design


- Design and decorating shops

- Design and decorating office 

- Design and decorating restaurants

- Design and decorating hotels

- Design and decorating show rooms

- Design and decorating hospitals

- Design and decorating health centers

- Design and decorating palaces and villas

Best decoration company in Riyadh

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