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Beauty and Hair salons decoration

Women's and men's barbershop Design


DLP provides the most recent and elegant designs for Beauty and barber shops , women's beauty and barbershop decoration and men's barbershop decoration as the clients who like to look elegant and pretty likes to be in well decorated and designed places so the decoration of your barbershop is part of the investment.

 With our experienced team in making the most luxurious and high quality interior design 2d interior design, 3d interior design for barbershop decoration and beauty centers decorations and design, you will get the most confortable and qualified business place that reflects your quality of services and experience you provide.


Our credibility, professional team and the quality provided, which exceeds the prices of the other decorating companies and our commitment to the timetable we set, is a continuation of our career which began more than 16 years and the implementation of hundreds of interior decoration of centers throughout the Kingdom.


We design and decor all kinds of decorations for your place, whatever the kind of services or products that you offer we will be with you. clinics - beauty center- barbershop decor

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The best hair salons beauty center decoration company

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