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DLP Company is one of the leading companies in the field of contracting and a decoration company for both interior and exterior finishes and wooden decorations and gypsum decoration in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia‭. ‬It is headquartered in Riyadh and has been accomplishing about 100‭ ‬site annually throughout the Kingdom since its establishment in October 2002‭ ‬till now‭.‬
DLP Enterprises is based on the concept of comprehensive quality and is based on our interest in the quality of the service provided to the client or the period of implementation or value‭.‬
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Our Vision

The company aims at vertical and horizontal expansion in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by fulfilling the wishes of its valued customers and working to develop and improve its performance to achieve international standards and enhances the opportunities for economic growth of the Kingdom and the institution‭.‬


Our Message

Integration‭, ‬development and innovate Our mission to develop


Our Goals

  • Commitment to values and preserving a good reputation for the company.

  • Preserving developing human resources to stimulate creativity.

  • Making the personal interests of human resources part of the companys interests and working to achieve them.

  • Achieve product development and excellence in all markets based on clients perceptions and needs.

  • Creativity and keeping pace with development through research and development.

  • Working on preserving the client thorugh meeting his requirements and applying the concept of total quality.

  • Opening up new markets at the local and regional level and covering their requirements.

  • Preserving the environment.

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