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Office and Shop furniture

design and make your business furniture

Custom Furniture

Office furniture and shops furniture

We offer the design and manufacturing services of furniture for offices and shops in various shapes and according to the nature of the business or services provided and provide space solutions using the latest designs of office furniture and shop furniture that to be prepared by our architects and decor designers in accordance with the brand or nature of service provided or goods to be sold In the shop as well as supplying all the supplies for offices and stands of the goods and decorating store front with glass or cladding that insulated and fire-resistant to cover the fronts as well as furnishing offices and shops.

We design and manufacture furniture for shops and office furniture in a dedicated and unique way for the customer and his brand, we select colors, furniture and the requirements from office equipment and equipment for shops to offer goods in an attractive and modern luxury way to attract customers and give them a sense of comfort and the  desire to return to buy again and for offices visitors to be ready to make business after their first impression with the luxurious and well made furniture. Studies have proved the importance of selecting office furniture and shop furniture as one of the first things the customers see and gives him the first impression to feel the quality of goods or services provided and the nature of the company they deal with.

DLP specialized in the design of office furniture and shop furniture in a full commitment. We design and manufacture your office furniture or your business area from office, counters, shelves to partitions and dividers.

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