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Wood decoration

Gypsum decoration

Full projects from a to z

Interior design and decoration

decoration is the success key for any business or life style Durrat Land Projects will design and craft a stunning decor for your business or home or for restaurants, governmental buildings, coffee shops, hotels and so on.

Services Overview



all decoration services including wooden decor and gypsum decor for Hotels, restaurants decor, industrial buildings, shop decor, condominiums, conference rooms and show rooms

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office furniture

Office furniture for your business . office furniture, wood furniture, hotel furniture, hospital furniture, company furniture, restaurant furniture and more

Paint and Wallpaper

We offer a professional painting services and Wallpaper services. 



Wooden furniture, wood wall, wood decoration, wood ceiling, toilet partitions and all wood decor services 


interior design

glass partitions, workstations, flooring, gypsum board, gypsum partitions ceiling tiles, cladding, finishing and many more.

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