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A quick view about interior decoration

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Interior decoration or interior design as it is said in some cultures is a science that is applied to beautify places and use of spaces in the best form based on the techniques of creativity and development


to integrate the shape, colors, space and lighting and design them in an integrated and coordinated form based on architectural concepts and techniques of modern design and decoration using the best Materials that are commensurate with the design and the nature of the place and the tools that will be dealt with within the bases and technical stages.


General decoration sections

The interior decoration has several sections that are designed and executed commensurate with each other and choose the most suitable materials, colors and shapes according to the nature of the place to be designed and the implementation of decoration in it.

interior design playground.jpg

1 - Flooring: The aesthetic interior decoration has a strong relationship with the floors and choose the right type and shape there are parquet wood floors, marble floors, vinyl and rugs and each of them has its aesthetic and distinctive design.

2 - Wall : is carefully designed by the engineers of the interior design the height and the number of doors, walls and windows and then choose what is appropriate with the rest of the design either by natural wood or synthetic wood or wrapped in wallpaper or paint with most appropriate colors of the design or cladding with gypsum boards or stones made especially for walls.

3 - Ceilings: Also determine the shape of the ceilings and places of lighting and the form and type of cladding with gypsum boards or wooden or other.

4 - extensions : One of the most important things to take into account when designing the interior decoration is the extensions to hide under the decoration to show the greatest beauty of the place and accurately defined for electrical, lighting, air conditioning and sanitation.

5 - Lighting: The designer at the end he selects lighting and accessories in proportion to the design, which gives the final form a stunning sight.


Before starting, the engineers at the design and decoration company will:


  • Determine the goal behind the design.

  • Make sure that it's all easy to disassemble and move from place to place, without affecting quality.

  • Selecting materials and quality appropriate to the budget of the design.

  • Adopting colors matching the client’s desire.

  • Easy movement between its elements.

  • Managing spaces well and efficiently

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